Why Southern Piling

Why Southern Piling

In short, we understand that quality piling services are vital to the success of any construction project.

Therefore, it’s important to highlight that the team here at Southern Piling have always demonstrated their commitment to our business.  And, they continue to do so.

With a staff turnover rate of practically zero, key members of staff have grown their careers with us.  They now hold responsible positions within the company.  Naturally, we’re proud of each and every one of them.

We know that we deliver first-class piling services in and around southern England.  Our services reach as far as Oxfordshire, Essex, and Northamptonshire, as well as London.  How do we know that we deliver excellent services?  Because our clients tell us so.

Not all providers of piling services are the same.  So, here are some reasons for you to consider us as your piling contractor of choice:

A family run company

We uphold strong values.  Essentially, we share the same beliefs on how things should be done.  This is vital, as it gives us a sense of purpose and pride in everything that we do, as well as a competitive edge for your business.

Highly Programme Driven

Your construction project demands resilient, robust time control.  When it comes to delivering on-time, Southern Piling will be your formidable programme-driven partner.

In a nutshell, we never miss a deadline, enabling you to keep within your budget with ease and efficiency.

Expertise and Knowledge

Regarding the level of specialist skills that are needed, we never under estimate the importance of knowledge and expertise.

To this end, our attention to detail, safety considerations, experience and know-how are vital to the success of any project.  Up against a competitive sector, we get it right every time.

Southern Piling’s list of accreditations is a testament to the high standards we maintain.

The right equipment for the job

This is heavy duty work and it requires a great deal of expertise.  Part of that knowledge is in our choice of equipment.  As a way of illustration, we prefer medium-sized rigs and supporting plant.  In our opinion, these are substantially more cost-effective, more efficient and flexible than heavier, more unwieldy equipment.  Refer to our in-house plant, equipment and rigs here.

Better for the Environment

Our inventory of CFA and SFA piling equipment reflects our attitude to the world around us:  it’s less noisy, has low vibration and causes minimal impact on the environment.

High quality, affordable

We offer a pared-down approach, only using the most appropriate, best quality, time-saving equipment.  Delivering a great service in this way keeps your construction project on time and in line with your budget.

In summary, we make the building world possible and we would like to help you.  Why not contact us?  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.