We are very aware that the construction industry is a major contributor to global carbon emissions, that is why we took our first steps in addressing this by installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of our office in 2023, which offers the potential of generating up to 55% of our in-house electricity needs. In FY 2023-24 we commenced a detailed review of our carbon impact on the planet. Although a work in progress as we develop our understanding and methodologies, this undertaking has allowed us to identify our most polluting areas. We are working closely with True Solutions to establish even more accurate and comprehensive ways to determine our carbon output across all scopes, the result of which will be the setting of baseline emissions to reduce from. Our aim is to deliver a viable long-term solution to counteract our activities; one which is detailed, appropriate for the business, and does not quote arbitrary timelines or exploits or rely on others to deliver infrastructure or guidance. At the same time, we continue to investigate opportunities to make our day-to-day routines greener.

Needless to say, we are painfully aware that the vast majority of our emissions emanate from the use of concrete and steel. We are therefore pleased to advise that the steel we use is minimum 95% recycled and we have several measures in place to limit carbon output generated by concrete, including a company philosophy of optimising designs through reducing pile diameter and steel within, maximising OPC replacement, plus the installation of telemetry on our rigs which enables us to monitor material usage in real time. Elsewhere, we are in conversation with other suppliers as to how we can reduce carbon emissions from the supply chain.

In the meantime, we have commenced investigations into HVO integration having undertaken detailed research on this alternative fuel option and obtained confirmation from manufacturers in writing its suitability for our plant and vehicles. Beyond HVO, we are delighted to advise you that our company car fleet is 100% electric, and we intend to continue our investment in this method of transportation.

We are looking forward to updating this page with details of our research and development and how we will implement the findings in our business.