Public Sector Piling Projects

Southern Piling provides high quality piling services for pubic sector construction projects throughout most of the southern half of the UK.

Not only do we deliver our piling works to schools and colleges, we also support hospital builds, construction schemes for the police and the fire brigade.  As well as new build projects, Southern Piling works very well with contractors on property re-developments.

Expert Piling Services for Public Sector Construction Projects.  Here’s why

Southern Piling aims to be your public sector construction partner of choice.  We are highly programme driven.  How? Because above all, we understand this sector well.  As a result, we deliver precisely to your time frames and well within your project parameters.

In the current economic climate, decision makers keep a close eye on construction spending. Equally, they scrutinise reliability and cost efficiencies.  As they should, of course.

Here at Southern Piling we can add two more: speed and a high degree of specialist competence. In actual fact, it’s these two reasons that bring public sector business to our door.  And, it explains why we deliver to consistently high standards.

We Keep Our Promises. 

With excellent time and resource management skills, we know our stuff!  Southern Piling’s highly skilled engineers understand that time really is of the essence.  Crucially, the team knows that time is money.  Indeed, nothing is more important than delivering to strict time restrictions.  Failure to meet deadlines within the public sector, is a project that bombs.

Let’s avoid disasters.

With this in mind, if you need us to complete a piling project within the academic half-term period, this is what we will do.

For example, if your client needs a set of classrooms to be constructed during the Summer break, Southern Piling can help.  Actually, we’re very good at working to time restrictions.

We will scope the works beforehand and deploy the most appropriate rig and plant on Day One.  And, we’ll do it with skill, precision and the utmost care.  Consequently, the foundations will be ready for your construction project, ready for you to report back to your client and to start work.

If we say we will, then we will.

Rigs Plant and Equipment To Suit Public Sector Construction Projects

Universities, hospitals and schools can be sensitive to vibration, noise and dust.  It happens.  We have the solution here to a common problem.  Hence, our CFA, SFA and Steel-Cased Driven piling systems are ideal.  Because they’re quieter, more time-efficient and have a lower environmental impact than larger systems, we find them perfect for the job in hand.

Your Public Sector Tendering Process

Southern Piling has excellent standards of Health and Safety and as well as a long list of Accreditations.  These robust industry benchmarks set us apart from the competition.  These, in addition to our focus on planning, programming and reliability make us your piling company of choice.

Looking for piling Services for Construction Sector Projects?  We’re here waiting for your call.  Southern Piling designs, undertakes and delivers piling to a wide range of building projects.

How we may help you? Contact us today for more information.