New Build Residential

Here at Southern Piling we have the expertise you can rely on.  We are pleased to offer you first-class new build pile foundation services throughout the South and the South East. 

Firstly, we know that as a house building in a competitive sector, your reputation is everything.  Secondly, your business requires steady growth in an industry that can and does fluctuate.

Southern Piling has the all the solutions to your needs.  In short, we can deliver the best value for money piling systems and rigs on the market.  And of course, the highly trained teams to operate them.  Technology and expertise.  A great combination, we are sure you’ll agree.

Industry Expertise in New Build Foundations

Without a doubt, understanding the construction sector is essential to your success.  Therefore, our know-how expands beyond just concrete, augers and diggers.

Importantly, time and budgetary constraints are at the forefront of your mind, so they’ll be in our minds, too.  For this reason we’ll ensure that our Method Statement fully reflects the time frames and cost considerations of your project.  And the project delivery too.

Let Southern Piling be your professional, trusted partner.

Southern Piling works extensively within the residential new build sector. We select and use the best-suited piling systems to suit soil types, the building structure, loading conditions and access to the site.

Your Foundation Project

The Right Equipment for the Right Piling Project

Each and every house build project is different.  For this reason, we design all of our new build pile foundation packages from scratch, always using the most cost-effective and appropriate equipment.

Our preference for CFA and SFA piling systems and the Klemm 709 piling rig means that we can turn around piling works promptly, with minimal noise and disruption.  These rigs reduce environmental impact, too.

Ideal for house builds in an urban environment, this type of plant and equipment poses limited risk to adjacent structures.  Also, our piling solutions enable us to carry out the works with restricted access, often an issue with built-up areas.

Importantly, these piles can cater for a variety of ground conditions as this process requires no drilling fluids or casings.

With complete compliance to health and safety, let Southern Piling take care of this essential part of your residential building project.  Contact us today for more information or for a project estimate.