Domestic Extensions

Piling for domestic extensions is a vital part of your construction project.  Southern Piling offers high quality services to building contractors throughout the south and the south east of England. We are literally the foundation of your house building scheme. 

Southern Piling – Your Domestic Piling Experts

Southern Piling has the skills and experience you need to manage and complete this part of your extension project.

Domestic building firms with a focus on quality, safety and value will thrive.  Is this your business?  Of course, an essential part of a domestic extension project will be the foundations.  As a builder, how familiar are you with the soil conditions around the property?  For example, if the soil has much sand, clay or peat, you will need the expertise of a piling company.  Even if it doesn’t, excellent foundations are a must.

It’s true to say that that we’re in an era of “improve, don’t move”.  As a matter of fact, home owners now make the best of what they have rather than relocating. Family living space is expanded, home-offices are created, or garages are added.  These additions can make a real difference to a home.

However, in the south east, land and property prices are sky high.  For this reason, with an additional room or two, the value of a property will rise.

Indeed, this part of the construction sector is highly competitive.  And no wonder.  Your business can rely on us to deliver excellent piling for domestic extensions, whatever their size or location in the South

Managing Your Expectations

A piled foundation will establish the strongest possible support structure on which to extend the property.  The experts at Southern Piling have extensive knowledge of CFA, SFA and Steel Cased Driven piling systems.

For this reason, our team knows immediately which type of rig and supporting plant to deploy, saving your business valuable time and resources.

Piling for domestic extensions, whatever the size and scope of the project, must be done with great care and attention to detail.

How We Work with Domestic Building Contractors

Each project involves a detailed Method Statement.  This essential document outlines the full scope of the works and our full schedule of responsibilities.

Moreover, we have the know-how to manage the entire piling process from start to finish.  Of course, we will communicate clearly and precisely with you what we are doing, how we are doing it and importantly, when you can expect us to finish.

There is no substitute for the professionals.  Southern Piling offers safe, reliable and cost-effective piling solutions for all types and sizes of domestic building extension project.  We will complete our services swiftly, with little disruption and minimal noise.

We deliver to the highest standards possible, with our quality control team checking every part of the project.  Following after-works testing, the space is now yours to work on.

If you need piling for domestic extensions, we can help you.  Interested to find out more? We’d be happy to help.  Contact us today for further information.