Basement Construction

Southern Piling offers basement construction services to commercial and domestic clients throughout the south and south east of the UK.

Domestic and commercial basement construction solves many problems.  In a nutshell, there is more space without extra land investment.  Expanding downwards, rather than outwards in other words.  Basement construction has become popular and no wonder.  There’s an extra room, another office – whatever you need.  And, on the whole, you won’t need planning permission (although we’d advise you to check).

Land prices in the south of the UK have seen big increases.  Therefore, why not let Southern Piling demonstrate our expertise and skill in this growing area of construction?

We can draw from our range of skilled techniques to offer support to excavation projects,.  Moreover, we provide slope stabilisation and can create barriers to groundwater flow.

In our opinion, good quality basement construction services are hard to find.  But not with Southern Piling.  Whether you’re a home owner needing more space, or a business after another office or storage, we can help.

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Contiguous Bored and Secant Pile Walls

As part of a basement construction project, we install adjacent (Contiguous) or overlapping (Secant) piles to form strong cut-off or structural walls.

For the most part, contiguous or secant piles can be installed during excavation works.  In other words, they can be temporary.   However, they can also form part of a permanent structure.  However, our services are bespoke.  Each basement project is unique and will be designed and delivered entirely to your needs.

Contiguous and Secant Walls

Contiguous, or bored piles are ideal for the construction of a deep basement.  For example, we use them to create retaining walls.  We place these piles in a row.  They virtually touch each other to create a box below ground.

With Secant piled walls, the process is in a sequence: we cut subsequent piles into previously installed piles, thus creating a seal between the units.  The result is a continuous, efficient structure over which an inner wall may be built.

We also deploy our piling rigs and supporting plant to deliver high quality piling solutions in various soil conditions a wide variety of soil conditions.  In these cases, we use both techniques for deep excavations .  With our equipment, we ensure that our team can complete the work with minimal noise and disruption.

There’s substantially less impact on the environment, too.

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