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High Quality Piling Services Throughout the South and South East

Southern Piling is a piling contractor in Southern England. We offer excellent piling services to the commercial and public construction sectors. Based in Sussex, we mainly support home builders and residential building contractors.

At Southern Piling we combine quality with efficiency. Our core values focus on productivity and sustainability. In the same way, your construction project demands high standards. Ultimately and without a doubt, we have the experience and skills you need to meet your high standards. And, we can achieve these standards each and every time.

Our Focus on Health and Safety

Of course, protection and care in everything we do is essential. We take our moral and social responsibilities to our clients and staff seriously. Therefore, we’re proud to offer you exceptional levels of safety. Right from start to finish. In other words, we leave nothing to chance. You can read more here

Where does Southern Piling Operate?

In brief, almost everywhere in the South. Contact us for more information, if you’d like to learn more.

Our services span as far as Swindon in Wiltshire to the west and as far north as Peterborough. In fact, our reach is substantial. In the South, we’re (almost) everywhere. Not only do we deliver piling projects throughout most of Eastern England, we also service clients in Essex and Kent. Is your construction project in Hampshire or Berkshire? No problem at all.

Obviously, being based in the South of England we service clients in Sussex and Surrey. Whatever your location in the South, we will complete your piling works to extremely high standards.

Our Plant and Rigs. Perfect For Your Piling Project

We operate CFA and SFA piling systems. Importantly, despite their medium size, these machines can achieve depths of up to 30 metres. In addition, they’re much quieter than larger rigs. Lastly, this plant can be very economical. These machines deliver a fast turnaround time. Much faster, in fact, than more cumbersome systems. We know that resources are important and that time is money.

Moreover, these rigs minimise disturbance to adjacent structures. They’re as green as possible, too. With our strict quality control procedures, these flexible, cost-effective systems are your perfect piling solution.

Klemm 709s. Fast, reliable, high quality

We use a wide range of rigs and equipment. We’ve made careful choices in order to maximise resources, time and productivity. For example, our piling rigs include fourteen Klemm 709s. Southern Piling often deploys this medium-sized rig. Why? Because it offers excellent time and cost savings.

Additionally, our supporting plant makes the most of our skills and resources. The range includes concrete agitators, Putzmeister 1005 concrete pumps and a powerful range of washers and compressors. Equally important, all equipment is maintained to strict safety criteria.

Your Essential Construction Partner

Piling forms the very basis of construction.

Because it’s such a fundamental part of your project, it must be completed to superior standards. Of course, it also has to be delivered on time and within budget.

Therefore, it’s vital that we pay close attention to the entire process. Our staff have the attention to detail, as well as the expertise you need. As a well-established piling contractor in Southern England, we’ve built our reputation on superb client service. We’d be pleased to hear from you. To put it another way, how can we support your construction project?

Contact us if you’d like to find out more about how Southern Piling can get your construction project off to an excellent start.


Southern Piling is a well established company with a reputation for excellence.   Equally, our suppliers, clients and specialist industry bodies recognise us as a high quality business.

We have obtained several high profile industry accreditations. Click here for further details.

High Quality Piling Services Throughout the South and South East