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  • Specialist piling contractors

  • Piling throughout Southern England

  • Providing piling works to all of Southern England.

    We specialise in restricted access, CFA/SFA hollow stem piling, using mainly Klemm 708 and 709 rigs with 10 metre masts.


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    Southern Piling Limited, a leading piling contractor based near Brighton in West Sussex.

    We have an extensive support team which includes mobile fitters and our own transport, including Artics and Hiab Rigids.


    We now have a Klemm 708 that can work in restricted headroom with a 5m mast, carrying out piles up to 600mm diameter in hollow stem mode.


Welcome to Southern Piling we provide our services to clients ranging from Private Home Owners through to Building Contractors and Developers, all over Southern England.

Over the last 30 years Southern Piling has established itself as a reliable, cost effective and approachable Company.